Sab, 25/06/2016 - 16:44

Sampling soil on mining site and ex-mining site were done on convex, concave, and flat surfaces. Sampling soil is needed to quantified nitrogen-fixing bacteria, phosphate-solvent bacteria, soil’s macro and micro nutrient content, and also soil field capacity. Sampling method are using composites with 9 sampling points. Soil sample was taken diagonally with distance between points 4,5 meters on the sampling squares which has been made before. After composited, the soil sample were wrapped using plastic bag and labeled, and stored on a cold storage. The soil sample immediately sent to the lab for examination and content analysis

Sampling process on convex surfaces had to be done extra carefully because it was hard enough to make the climb. The hardest part was on the concave area on ex-mining site because we need to walk in the mud, but it was kind of fun and challenging when we do that. We hope that there are many participants who can enjoy this adventure on this quarry next year.