The importance of the continuity and the human quality of life improvement encourages
mining companies to always give priority to the environmentally friendly technology
utilization and the nature preservation as a manifestation of social responsibility. However,
a lack of information often creates incorrect perception from the community members
around the mines about mining enterprises, especially, the perceptions about the
exploration process of the natural resources which directly relates to their social life and
living environment. These conditions can reduce their harmony relationships among them
and in the end it disrupt all parties.
This project designs a comic as a medium of communication that is not only effective to
inform but to disseminate knowledge and to create positive attitudes and behaviour of the
community members of surrounding the mine towards the mining business and biodiversity
in an early age. A comic as a communication medium is selected because children like it so
that our objectives can be achieved easily. This project will create some characters in the
comic that correspond to the children characteristics in the surrounding mine area
representing mining and biodiversity. Then it is drawn a series story about the importance
of natural conservation and mining business as well as their relation to improve the quality
of life and human civilization.
This project purpose is to improve the understanding and shaping the positive attitudes and
behaviour of the community members towards the importance of natural conservation and
mining business in an early age.
The project is based on a survey method and a quasi experimental. The survey method is
used to collect and analyze data of geographical conditions of the environment around the
mine, demographics, psychographic of the community members, and socio-economic
characteristics of the elementary students. Based on the survey results, some mining and
biodiversity comics were designed. Then the experimental method is used to evaluate the
comics effectiveness to improve the understanding and positive attitudes and behaviors of
the students towards mining business and preservation of the nature. Elementary students
will be sampled using cluster sampling in which the class chosen was given a certain comic
version. The data will be analyzed descriptively for the students’ characteristics and pair
comparison test for evaluating the each comic effectiveness.
The project will be implemented for about 6 months after acceptance (15 May - 19
September 2014). The another time up to 30 September 2014 will be allocated to prepare
the final report.
Group involved
The teams, education department, teachers, and elementary students around the mine will
be involved.
Added value
The mining activities and the corresponding preservation of the nature information to the
community surrounding the mine until recently are available to the adult category, so that
this information is likely to be understood partially and pragmatically. In contrast, to
improve understanding and to establish positive attitudes and behaviors of the community
members of the surrounding the mine towards the mining business and the environment in
an early age is offered by this project. It is our project added value. In addition, the success
of this project is believed to be able to improve the harmony relationship between the
mining business, social life community activities and the environment around the mine