Rab, 22/06/2016 - 14:55

Ex-mining site on convex and flat surfaces have a thin soil layer on top of rocky grounds and are included in sandy clay fraction. So we were troubled trying to set up the ground pegs on several locations because those pegs couldn’t penetrate the rocky layers. Fortunately, the sampling square was successfully installed some time later.
We made a sampling square 20 x 40 m2 and within the square were divided by smaller 20 x 20 m2, 10 x 10 m2, 5 x 5 m2, and 2 x 2 m2 smaller squares. The 20 x 20 m2 were intended for tree vegetation level, 10 x 10 m2 were made for Ferns, 5 x 5 m2 were for saplings and undergrowth, while 2 x 2 m2 were made for seedlings. The environmental conditions were determined by using GPS, lux meter, and thermo hygrometer. We found many vegetation on the tree levels, ferns, saplings, and seedlings with low density, while many ground vegetation with high density was discovered.