Sen, 20/06/2016 - 07:24

Soon after we arrived on Hambalang Quarry, we took a walk to Reclamation Area 2008. Along the way, we found so many dragonflies. There were red, yellow, green, and some of it didn’t have transparent wings. As you know, dragonflies can be use as environmental-damage indicator, which mean if there are many, the environmental condition is pretty good.
We unload the equipment and set the pegs and ropes as usual, making the sampling squares. The environmental conditions were determined by using GPS, lux meter, and thermo hygrometer. We identified the types and quantities of every vegetation on the sampling squares on the concave surfaces.

We went back to the pick up point at 12.00 for a break before we continue our trip to the Quarry site. The quarry located near road access so the car may pass right through it. Even though, we still need to climb a steep hill. It was pretty extreme, the ground we step on was sands so we slipped a few times before we get to the top.

Next, we set the pegs and ropes on the convex surfaces, ensure the size of the squares, then we done the identification as usual. We didn’t find vegetations on the tree levels, ferns, saplings, nor seedlings, but we found many ground vegetations wit low density.